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EIMT in its continuous commitment to offer world-class educations, brings to its Switzerland Campus, meticulously designed study programmes. The programmes will not only equip our students with the fundamental knowledge but enable them to challenge their potential, their creativity and to develop multi-array perspectives, giving them holistic growth. 


Our undergraduate programs are for ambitious students who expect professional success. We know you’ll find what you’re looking for.


The master’s programs are designed to take you on a trip to the top to view the world from new professional heights.


The DBA and the PhD make a contribution to knowledge and entail rigorous courses with a heavy emphasis on research.

Why Study In Switzerland ?

Studying in Switzerland offers a unique blend of cultural, educational, and professional opportunities that attract students from around the globe. Here are some compelling reasons why one might choose to study in Switzerland

  • Top-Quality Education

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    The educational system in Switzerland is renowned for its high standards.

    The country practices teaching methods focused on active learning. With practical courses, compact class sizes and diverse research opportunities, students will have the opportunity to enhance their academic groundings and develop long-lasting skills. The country offers a world-class education system, and the degrees are highly regarded across the globe. 

  • High-Quality Living

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    Apart from being a rich and advantageous location, Switzerland boasts great

    standards and quality of life. The country ranks top in terms of fulfilling basic human amenities like shelter, sanitation and medical care. The country has a remarkable record of maintaining the well-being of the people, high life expectancy and access to modern technologies. The locals are highly cultured and welcoming to international students.

  • Multi-Lingual Culture

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    Switzerland is your ideal destination to gain exposure to multiple languages. Italian, German,

    Swiss and Roman languages are spoken in Switzerland, and they all have the official language status in the Swiss Confederation. Additionally, people here also speak English, making the country a linguistically diverse country, allowing every opportunity for you to learn them.

  • Easy-connectivity with Other Countries

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    While Switzerland itself is a beautiful country with tons of attractive tourist places, the country

    shares proximity with other European countries. Bordering five countries - Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein, the country is well-connected with the bordering nations, allowing you a great opportunity to explore them by use of the efficient Swiss transportation system. 

  • One of the Safest Country 

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    Following the Global Peace Index, Switzerland is among the safest and most peaceful countries

    in the world. The country ranks top 10 on the list with strict gun laws and low crime rates. Your safety is a priority when you are deciding on living and studying abroad, and Switzerland is your right bet. 

  • Lucrative job opportunities  

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    Given the country has high living standards and a stable economy, Switzerland also

    offers a great prospect when it comes to earning. Swiss workers are reported to enjoy high annual average wages amounting to 2,300 CHF (68,400 USD) as per the employment database of OECD. Switzerland offers jobs with generous wages. You can expect to enjoy a good work-life here in the country. Your study-abroad plan in Switzerland could lead to incredible job opportunities in the country as you complete your degree programme

  • Home overseas students

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    Switzerland has a large number of students coming from different parts of the

    world. Their status of being the safest country coupled with the acclaimed education system, and affordable educational costs, make it a desirable destination for international students. The cultural and geographical diversity adds another glamour to Switzerland being a great destination..


    Committed to Quality, Dedicated to You.

    Switzerland Campus

    EIMT operates in Switzerland via our collaboration with Ascencia Business School.

    Hinterbergstrasse 9/11, CH-6330, Cham, Zug, Switzerland.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the study programmes that EIMT offers?

      EIMT is known for offering quality education across different disciplines. In the Switzerland Campus, we offer a range of programmes, including Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and various other specialised programmes like Computer Science. 

    • Does EIMT open its programmes to International students?

      Yes, EIMT welcomes students from all over the world to its Institute to attain top-quality education here in this thriving and student-friendly city of Switzerland. EIMT commits to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment

    • What is the mode of learning for all the programmes at EIMT?

      All the programme classes are conducted on campus, in person, providing students with valuable face-to-face interaction with the faculty members and fellow students. Our campus facilities and modern classrooms are designed to support effective learning experiences

    • What are the requirements of international students to get admission at EIMT?

      While each programme will have varying requirements for admissions, overseas students seeking admission to EIMT must ensure to provide a passport copy, academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and standardized test scores GMAT or GRE.

    • Does EIMT Switzerland Campus offer any scholarships or financial aid to their international students?

      EIMT offers discounted admissions fees for a certain period, as a form of financial aid, to its students. 

    • What is the duration of the programs?

      The duration of studying at EIMT will depend on the programme and field of study the student chooses. Typically, a DBA programme will require 3 years to complete, an MBA 1-2 years and a BBA 3 years. 

    • Is there a scope for international students to work during the study period?

      Yes, the French government permits every international student the right to work part-time while studying in Switzerland, subject to certain restrictions and regulations. Our international student services team can provide guidance and support regarding employment opportunities and work permits.

    • Is there assistance available for accommodation and living arrangements?

      Yes, our international students will be provided with extensive support in finding suitable accommodation options near our campus. We have an active student service team that is committed to providing intensive support to international students. They will guide our international students with housing options, local amenities, etc in Switzerland. 

    • What are the support services available to the international students at EIMT?

      EIMT believes in providing a holistic growth and learning experience, and for which we commit to helping our international students integrate into French life and succeed academically. Our student service offers comprehensive services that include orientation programs, accommodation guidance, academic advising, counselling services, language support, and cultural integration activities.

    • How can I apply for a programme at EIMT?

      To become a student at EIMT, prospective candidates may apply through the website and also visit the campus and get the application form in person during working hours from the admissions office. Our admissions team is available to assist you throughout the application process and answer any questions you may have.

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