• Before making a formal complaint pursuing the Student Complaint and Grievance Procedure, the student should at first make an effort to discuss the issue with the individuals involved in the complaint.

  • The Student should present the complaint for resolution in writing within 45 days of the incident prompting the complaint.

  • Faculty, administrators, and staff should respond promptly and address the issues and questions brought to their attention.

  • The Student is also advised to contact the academic advisor to clarify the problem and consult the matter. The academic advisor may consult the matter with both parties but has no authority to determine the final resolution to the problem.

  • Should the effort to resolve the situation directly with the persons involved or mediation with the academic advisor be unsuccessful, the student should follow the steps of the formal complaint process as described below.

  • Students may bring a written complaint about a faculty member, administrator, or staff member to the EIMT higher authority. The written complaint needs to include information on the nature of the complaint and attach all possible supporting documents.

  • At his or her discretion, the EIMT higher authority may attempt to mediate the dispute and seek an informal resolution satisfactory to all parties.

  • In case any of the parties is dissatisfied with the resolution proposed by the EIMT higher authority, the EIMT higher authority will appoint a third party/parties to hear both sides of the dispute and make a recommendation on the issue to the EIMT President.

  • The EIMT higher authority will forward a decision in writing to the student within 45 days of receipt of the initial complaint. The decision of EIMT's higher authority taking into account the recommendation of the third party/parties is final.

This Policy is effective as of January 1st, 2022, and replaces any previous versions of the Policy.