Doctorate by Published Work Program


The Doctorate by Published Work is a prestigious degree awarded for the submission of a portfolio of published research to the standard of a regular Doctorate. This program is designed to recognize the significant contributions of individuals who have already made substantial research contributions in their field.


Candidates eligible to apply for the Doctorate by Published Work include:

  • Members of academic staff or administrative or library staff of equivalent status of the European Institute of Management and Technology (EIMT), with a minimum of three years of continuous employment immediately prior to the submission of published work.
  • Postgraduates or graduates of at least seven years' standing, holding a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. It is not necessary for the applicants to be only EIMT graduates.

Application Process:

Candidates interested in applying for the Doctorate by Published Work should follow the application process outlined below:

  1. Submit a research application using the standard online Doctoral Application Form.
  2. Specify clearly on the application form the intention to be considered for the Doctorate by Published Works.
  3. Submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with copies of the Works to be considered.
  4. Provide between 3 - 8 publications, which will form the intellectual basis of the examination for the award. The contextual information regarding the publications should be included, such as the profile of journals, individual contribution to each publication, number of citations, and significance to the field.

Consideration Process:

The submission will undergo a rigorous consideration process, as outlined below:

  1. The Head of the relevant Department will review the submission and appoint an Academic Advisor to guide the candidate.
  2. The Academic Advisor will assess the quality of publications and the candidate's suitability for admission to the Doctorate program.
  3. Upon satisfaction with the submission, the Chair of the Faculty Education Committee will consider it.
  4. If the Works meet the appropriate standard, the Chair of the Faculty Board will recommend the candidate's admission to the Doctorate program.
  5. Final approval for admission will be given by the Chair of the Board of Research Studies.

Period of Registration:

The normal registration period is 12 months. However:

  • Non-staff candidates may submit for examination after six months' registration.
  • Staff candidates may submit for examination after three months' registration.
  • During the registration period, candidates must submit the Works to be assessed along with a Covering Document of 5,000 to 10,000 words, explaining the relationship between the Works, their significance, and a full bibliography.


The fee for the Doctorate by Published Work program is CHF 18,000. Members of staff and EIMT graduates are charged at 20% of the full-time postgraduate research fee.

Further Information:

For inquiries and assistance with the application process, candidates should contact the Admissions Department team. Detailed information on the examination requirements can be found in the Admission Regulation and the associated Guidance on the Requirements for the Award of Research Degrees, and the Guide to Examinations for Higher Degrees by Research. For fee-related queries, candidates are advised to consult Student Finance.

This detailed guide aims to provide comprehensive information for potential candidates interested in pursuing the Doctorate by Published Work program at the European Institute of Management and Technology.