Suspension & Dismissal

Students are eligible to apply for readmission at least once and, if allowed to return, will be on academic probation. If, at any time after a single suspension, the student has grades below the minimum required (4.0), the student will be dismissed from the organization and may not return. Any request for failure to maintain satisfactory progress must be made in writing to the Vice President of Academic Affairs within 15 days of notice of termination. The student will be notified in the decision letter. The maximum time allowed for a student to complete their program is 1.5 times the duration of the program. A student who does not meet these standards will be dismissed for unsatisfactory progress.

Appeals Process

Any request for the actions described above must be made in writing to the Vice President of Academic Affairs who will consider the appeal. The Vice President will have the final authority in the matter to decide whether to accept the student's appeal within five days. For the student's request to be accepted, the student must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.


EIMT welcomes students of any race, color, sex, age, marital status, or disability to the extent permitted by law, religion or belief, or national or ethnic origin. and all rights, privileges, programs, and activities granted or made available to students of the organization and does not discriminate in the administration of its academic policies, admissions policies, or other programs administered by the organization.