Content delivery is one of the most challenging – as well as one of the most important – aspects of developing an online course. Content is the heart of any course, so how content is presented to students strongly impacts student success and satisfaction. Many of the best practices in online content delivery are the same as face-to-face content delivery. We at European Institute of Management & Technology, being an online institution, deliver everything online at students' ease and encompasses multiple hours of asynchronous instruction per week via the Internet and discussions including assignments, assigned readings, and projects.

Technology Requirements

Once a student is registered, the only equipment they need is a personal computer with internet access, and the student can access the eLearning platform from anywhere in the world. To maintain privacy and security, each student is assigned a username and password that allows them to access their page in the learning management system.

It is important to maintain student-teacher relationships in the learning community. The online system will allow these relationships to change over time and space, but the result should be the same or better.

Response Time / Online Communication

When a student sends a message with a question or posts a message on the forum, the teacher will respond within 24 hours on weekdays and weekends. The response time for assessments requiring teacher evaluation, grading, and feedback will be 48 hours on weekdays and weekends.

Online students need to communicate frequently with their instructors. Students with questions can email their teachers with any questions they may have. They may request another discussion session to clarify information. The teacher will schedule a time to meet with the student in the chat room, by phone, or in person at school. Students should expect that each discussion will be followed by a written summary of the discussion provided by the teacher. The following information will be provided to the student via electronic mail.