Introduction to Professional Doctorate:

At the European Institute of Management and Technology (EIMT) in Zug, Switzerland, we recognize the significance of professional excellence and continuous development in today's competitive landscape. Our Professional Doctorate programs are designed to cater to the needs of working professionals who aspire to achieve both personal and career growth through advanced research and academic pursuit.

Why Professional Doctorate:

Professional Doctorates, also known as 'while-you-work doctorates,' are highly esteemed qualifications acknowledged globally. Unlike traditional PhD programs primarily aimed at academia, professional doctorates offer a distinctive opportunity for professionals in the private and public sectors to engage in work-based research while maintaining their careers. These programs allow participants to integrate practical experience with advanced research skills, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields.

key differences between a Professional Doctorate program and a PhD program:

  1. Purpose and Focus:

    • Professional Doctorate (Professional Doctorate): These programs are specifically designed for professionals who are already established in their careers and seek to enhance their expertise through advanced research related to their field of practice. The focus is on applying research skills to real-world problems within their industry or organization.
    • PhD Program: PhD programs are more academically oriented and aimed at individuals seeking to pursue a career in research or academia. The primary purpose is to contribute new knowledge to their field through original research, often focusing on theoretical or fundamental questions.

  2. Career Path:

    • Professional Doctorate (Professional Doctorate): Participants in professional doctorate programs typically continue working in their profession while completing their studies. The goal is to advance within their current career by gaining deeper knowledge and expertise.
    • PhD Program: Completing a PhD program often leads to opportunities in academia, research institutes, or industry research and development (R&D). Graduates may pursue careers as professors, researchers, or experts in their field.

  3. Research Approach:

    • Professional Doctorate (Professional Doctorate): Research in professional doctorate programs is often applied in nature, focusing on addressing practical challenges or issues within the participant's profession or industry. Action research and problem-solving are common methodologies.
    • PhD Program: PhD research is typically more theoretical and aims to contribute new knowledge to the academic community. The focus is on conducting original research, often using experimental or analytical methodologies.

  4. Thesis/Dissertation:

    • Professional Doctorate (Professional Doctorate): The final research project in a professional doctorate program is often referred to as a thesis or capstone project. It is typically a substantial piece of work that demonstrates the candidate's ability to apply research skills to real-world problems.
    • PhD Program: The culmination of a PhD program is a doctoral dissertation, which is an original piece of research that contributes new knowledge to the field. The dissertation is defended orally in front of a committee of experts.

  5. Duration and Format:

    • Professional Doctorate (Professional Doctorate): Professional doctorate programs are often designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals and may offer flexible formats such as part-time study or online courses. The duration varies but typically ranges from 3 to 6 years.
    • PhD Program: PhD programs are full-time, intensive programs that usually require 4 to 6 years of study. They often involve a combination of coursework, research, and teaching assistantships.

In summary, while both Professional Doctorate programs and PhD programs involve advanced research and the completion of a doctoral-level project, they differ in their focus, career outcomes, research approach, and duration/format. Professional Doctorate programs are tailored for professionals seeking to apply research skills to practical problems in their field, while PhD programs are more academically oriented and aimed at producing original contributions to knowledge in a specific discipline.

Professional Doctorate Programs at EIMT:

At EIMT, we offer a diverse range of Professional Doctorate programs tailored to the needs of working professionals. Our programs include:

  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctorate in Computer Science
  • Doctorate in Science
  • Doctorate in Arts

Each program is meticulously crafted to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in their professional domains while contributing to the advancement of their industries through research.

Types of Professional Doctorate Programs:

Our Professional Doctorate programs are structured to facilitate deepened understanding and practical application within specific functional disciplines. Participants engage in action-based research focused on real-world issues relevant to their current work environments. The programs foster the development of practical solutions and promote positive change within various industries.


Prospective applicants for Professional Doctorate programs at EIMT should possess:

  • A strong academic background, typically evidenced by an post-graduate degree
  • Relevant professional experience in their field of interest
  • Proficiency in English language (if applicable)

Application Process:

To apply for a Professional Doctorate at EIMT, applicants are required to:

  • Submit a personal statement outlining their motivations and goals
  • Provide an outline of their proposed research topic
  • Present proof of their undergraduate degree and academic transcripts
  • Furnish contact details for two referees, including at least one academic reference
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English language (if applicable)
  • Submit an updated curriculum vitae (CV)

Applications can be submitted directly through the respective course pages on our website. Our admissions team is available to assist applicants throughout the process and address any inquiries they may have.

Your Doctoral Journey with EIMT:

Embarking on a doctoral journey with EIMT is a transformative experience aimed at empowering professionals to reach their full potential. Throughout the program, participants receive comprehensive support, guidance, and mentorship from experienced faculty members and industry experts. Our personalized approach to education ensures that each student receives the necessary resources and assistance to succeed academically and professionally.

At EIMT, we are committed to nurturing a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to driving innovation, fostering excellence, and making a positive impact in their respective fields. Join us on your doctoral journey and unlock new opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement with EIMT.