Program Overview

Earning a doctorate degree is a prestigious accomplishment that demonstrates a high level of mastery in the select discipline. The EIMT has developed certain outstanding doctorate programs with unique features that add significant value to graduates beyond the rewarding Doctorate.

  • Minimum 30 Months online Program.

  • Specially Designed for Working Professionals.

  • No GMAT/ GRE required.

  • International Networking Opportunities.

  • Highly Qualified Industry Experienced Faculties.

  • Focused & Unique Curriculum.

  • Dissertation on live project for a organization.

  • One-on-one mentorship for all educational goals.

About The Program

At EIMT, doctoral programs are designed for experienced professionals who want to achieve an even higher level of mastery in different areas of specialisation, putting theory into practice. Our programs are highly relevant, and our graduates are highly successful in their careers, applying the knowledge they have gained through these programs to real industry challenges.

These programs are delivered by highly qualified and credentialed faculties who blend cutting-edge academic knowledge and practical experience. In each course they will share their expertise in contemporary research issues in their specific field. This will allow Doctoral candidates to understand the current research directions and its application to real industry challenges.

Any doctoral program is a minimum thirty months program developed for high-achieving professionals who want to enhance their specialised education via original research. The program can be completed full-time within three years in online mode. The doctorate program at EIMT offers future generations of senior executives an opportunity like no other by providing a three-year curriculum with courses on specific program techniques alongside research methods.

The European Institute of Management and Technology provides doctoral programs in online mode. The course structure of different doctoral programs is highly structured and has passed many quality standards. As the program is offered in online mode, so there is possibility that multiple batches may be running or taking admission at the same time. Although all batches will be in flexible mode so you can start & postpone the program whenever you want. Each doctoral candidate gets ample amount of guidance from the assigned supervisor / Research Faculty and also can get support from the EIMT alumni base/community or our international expert group.

Program Goals & Objectives

  • Master the necessary skills to communicate effectively, thoughtfully, and compassionately.
  • Master the skills to work in the multicultural organizations in a globalized society.
  • Develop the competencies to effective an effective strategic global manager.
  • Apply, synthesize, analyze and integrate knowledge of the doctoral area chosen and other fields to arrive at innovative solutions to organizational problems.
  • Master the ability to develop, analyze and communicate empirical scholarly work.
  • Doctoral Programs

The Doctoral Programs are delivered in a fully online format, which combines face-to-face sessions with online support. These programs will let you improve your understanding of different theories, new research issues, and methodological methods via coursework. You'll get the chance to delve into academic knowledge and reflect on your experience while focusing on your research problem.

Doctoral Programs

  • Medium: English
  • Min. Duration: 30 Months
  • Enrollment: Being online - Throughout the Year

Why Earn your DBA with EIMT

EIMT Unique Curriculum

The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity develop unique individualised project.

The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity develop unique individualised project.

Application of Knowledge

Programs allows you to apply academic theories and put into practice.

Programs allows you to apply academic theories and put into practice.

Industry Experience Faculty

Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.

Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.


Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

Individual Study Plan Practitioner Based Project/Dissertation:

The first step for scholars is to draft their preliminary research proposal. This proposal can be a 8-10 page document which consists of essential factors of the Doctoral program. We have setup a pre-defined template in order to speed up the process of completion. You are advised to make the initial research proposal ready within the first month of enrollment and submit it. Your supervisor or Research faculty will give feedback of the same. The template for your preliminary research proposal can befound here.

One can consider the following points while selecting his/her topic for the research project.
  • A single-subject study that evaluates a new or innovative intervention, business venture, etc.
  • An Action Research or Participatory Action Research project | A program evaluation
  • A field study that examines theoretical predictions;
  • A survey study examining opinions, attitudes, or practices within a field or discipline;
  • A business process improvement.

As these examples indicate, all project topics require extensive knowledge of the literature about the particular subject areas and the sophistication of how a project is developed and presented. Conducting these projects provides students with experiences that create expertise in their focused areas and prepare them to be effective practitioner-scholars. To achieve this goal, it is recommended that students pursue a topic where they already have extensive practical experience.
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Important Information Regarding DBA Program

Program Delivery

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is a research-based full time doctorate program delivered through a blended learning paradigm comprising of course work, research, workshops, seminars, conference participation, and self-directed study, is designed to allow you to achieve a doctorate without putting your job on hold.

You may combine your classroom learning and research with your current job experience to make a difference in your chosen profession.

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Professional Professors

The faculty at EIMT has a deep understanding of the field and is selected for their excellence in teaching. The students will be given an unparalleled education by learning from some of today's most talented academicians, all while being honored with multiple awards!

We collaborate with several renowned, top scholars around the world. We believe that knowledge comes from a mix of talented and highly skilled professors who gained important experience in an industry context.

Enrollment Process

Check all the eligibility and all the steps through to your graduation.


Academic Qualifications:

Eligibility: Masters Degree or Bachelors Degree completing 16 yrs of education OR 5 yrs of experience after graduation.

Learners should be in possession of a minimum EQF Level 7 full qualification in relevant area.

Digital Competence:

Learners should have a basic level of digital competence, including familiarity with computers, the internet and common software applications.

Language Competence:

Learners must have a thorough command of written and spoken English. One of the following pieces of evidence is compulsory.


Application Go Through:

Applications are only accepted online. Once the application form is received, our team looks after past your performance and future potential and will contact you accordingly.


What is Next?

Once Admission Committee’s reviews your application with +ve response, you will receive a letter of admission. Having processed the payment, you will receive an email with your login credentials and will be granted access to our Learn Management System.


Graduation Requirements:

Doctoral candidates must earn a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher and be in good academic standing.
All program requirements must be successfully completed, including the final dissertation/thesis submission.

Doctoral Area of Research

Agricultural Sciences
Computer Science
English Literature
Liberal Arts
Mechanical Engineering
Arts & Sciences
Library & Information Sciences
Operations Research
Fine Arts
Commerce & Management
Engineering & Technology
Applied Sciences
Public Policy

The Curriculum

The Doctoral programs at EIMT are designed in this sort of way that scholars end within minimum 30 months. Extension years are usually not granted. The program generally comprises mainly to three phases:-

1) Course Work: This phase generally is your first semester and comprises of selection, course work on different aspects of your program like research methods, quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques. This phase ends with finalization of the topic of your research and allocation of supervisor or research faculty. There will be multiple seminars and presentations in this phase.

2) Research Lab: This phase generally is mix of your second and third semester. This generally includes data collection and analysis. This phase includes your synopsis submissions and monthly progress report submission after every six month. This phase also includes multiple seminars and presentations.

3) Doctoral Thesis: This phase is generally your third to sixth semester phase that includes thesis write-up, committee reviews, thesis re-write ups, viva voices (oral defenses) and award of the doctorate.

During each of these phases, the scholar will be guided and supervised by supervisor or research faculty.

The proposed curriculum has these distinctive features:

Progressively master and apply related concepts theories;
Provide cohesiveness within each semester, with an identified theme to connect learning and outcomes;
A capstone project, e.g. dissertation to demonstrate summative knowledge;
A built-in curriculum cohesion approach, with a clear pathway to program completion.

Table 1 provides the curriculum map (course structure to be followed) showing the progression of mastery of materials.

Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6
1. Research Methods Data Collection and Analysis Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation)
2. Qualitative Methods & Techniques
3. Quanitative Methods & Techniques
4. Research Tools
5. The Research Proposal

1. Study Section (Modules) 2. Study Section (Thesis)

30 ECTS / 5 modules at 6 ECTS Each 150 ECTS - The thesis contributes approx. 80% to the overall result of the doctoral studies.

Doctoral Program - Course Structure

(Duration Wise in detail)

Within 1st Month:

Invitation to Enrollment for the Doctoral Program.
Doctoral Program Entrance Test.
Personal Interview by Department Research Committee (DRC) of the entrance test qualified candidates.

Within 2nd - 6th Month:

Selection For Course Work.
Fee Submission For Course Work.
Begining of Course Work and Allocation of Supervisor / Research Faculty.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities of the course work ? Check There

Within 7th - 8th Month:

Synopsis Submission in five copies.
RDC (Research Department Commmittee) work starts.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the RDC ? Check There

Within 9th - 12th Month:

Fee Submission after the 3 months of RDC.
5-6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by supervisor electronically.

Within 13th - 27th Month*:

Fee Submission after the 6 months of RDC.
6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by supervisor electronically.
Pre Submission Defence Committee (PSDC)
Thesis Submission in five copies duly signed by supervisor.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the PSDC ? Check There

Within 28th - 30th Month:

Final Viva-voice (after receiving of reports from External Examiners).
Award of Doctorate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Payment Methods That Are Available For The Doctoral Program?

    We offer single payments where we grant a reduction of 10% in the total tuition fees. Otherwise you can also make the payment in instalments. We want to provide financial support to our students while giving them full financial flexibility while studying. You can pay your fees online from any part of the world.

  • What Are The Delivery Methods Of The Doctoral Program?

    We offer only online mode Doctoral programs. This program is suitable for working professionals and allows full flexibility.

  • What Is The Duration Of The Doctoral Program?

    The Doctoral program can be completed in minimum of 30 months in average. This depends on the time availability and motivation of the student.

  • If I applied previously but my application was rejected, may I reapply?

    Yes, you may reapply. You will need to fill out a completely new online application for this purpose.

  • How much time should I spend on coursework each week?

    Expect approximately 6 hours of work per week. This may include lecture videos, readings, discussions and assessments.

  • I’m worried about the time zone difference; how will this work for live lectures?

    Live sessions will take place according on different time zones.

  • Do you give admissions without appearing for any entrance test ?

    Yes, But it may be subjected to some personal interview in few cases.

  • What kind of support is available?

    As an online student, you will have access to several types of support resources when you need help or guidance, beginning with new student orientation. Other services include a help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers and more.

  • Are the lectures pre-recorded or are there any live lectures?

    All online courses are live online not pre-recorded session. Beside that, there are often live workshops/masterclasses organized.

  • Are there any interactions possible with other students?

    The online programs offer students to discuss various topics on our EIMT Connect platform.

  • How can I access the online learning platform?

    Once you are officially enrolled, we will provide you with all the details, instructions and your login information.

  • Will I receive a paper certificate after graduation?

    Each student will receive their certificate by email as well as we can send the paper certificate by postal mail.

  • When do I need to choose my Research Topic ?

    After your successful enrolment, you need to finalise your research topic within 6 months.

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