Gender Policy Code of Conduct

Guaranteeing equal opportunities for women and men is an important issue at the European Institute of Management and Technology and the principle of establishing equality between the genders has been anchored in numerous legal and strategic documents. In 2022 the Institution's administration resolved upon implementing the Gender Policy Code of Conduct. The code contains eight principles that set a signal for a practiced culture of equal opportunity:

Core principle:

1. All staff and students at the European Institute of Management and Technology should ensure that women and men have equal rights and development opportunities at the Institution. The Code of Conduct applies to all who work or study here. The Institution supports the promotion and implementation of genuine equality between women and men.

2. The interests of both genders must be optimally served at all levels and in all functions. This includes equal representation as well as due consideration of any specific gender interests in all working contexts.

3. The Institution aims to achieve a balanced representation of women and men at all levels and in all functions. If either gender is strongly underrepresented in a given context, the Code of Conduct recommends preferential treatment of candidates of the underrepresented gender, given equivalent qualifications. Promoting junior female academics is a particular concern.

4. Nobody may suffer negative consequences due to their sex, gender identity, or gender transition.

5. The Institution supports forms of employment that enable staff and students to combine work or studies with family commitments. The Institution provides childcare facilities for staff and students.

6. Each individual’s dignity and integrity must be respected. Sexual harassment and sexist behavior are violations of human dignity.

7. At the Institution, written and spoken language should express equal treatment of women and men while maintaining precision and elegance.

8. Data relevant to the achievement of equal opportunities are collected regularly, linked with the Institution’s management tools, and analyzed with a view to monitoring progress as well as providing a basis for further measures. The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity advises staff and students on all questions of gender policy.

Adopted by the Senate of the Institution on 2nd January 2023 as per policy document EIMT/Policy/2023/01003.