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This webinar will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the thesis writing process. From the fundamentals of selecting a topic and conducting research to writing, editing, and defending the final product, this webinar will cover it all. Participants will gain an understanding of the essential elements of a successful thesis, writing tips and techniques, and strategies for overcoming common challenges. The webinar will also explore the use of technology in managing the thesis writing process, and provide guidance on referencing, formatting, and presentation. Finally, attendees will gain insight into how to defend their thesis in front of a faculty panel. Whether you are writing a thesis for the first time or are experienced in the process, this webinar will help refine your skills and maximize your success.

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Event date: Sep 09, 2023

Event time: 11:30 AM EST

Entry : Free

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    Gerson Areche EIMT Trainer

    Gerson Areche

    Lead Programming Instructor @EIMT

    Gerson is a veteran and a veteran-turned-developer. After serving in the US Marine Corps, Gerson decided to pursue his passion for coding and pursue a career in technology. He is currently studying IoT and has a passion for embedded systems, web and mobile development, data analytics, and cloud service with AWS IoT.

    Mode: Online
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