Doctorate of Business Administration is the highest level of education pertaining to business studies. The degree program is primarily developed to prepare future business leaders with the potential to generate innovative business ideas and strategies in the face of a volatile business world. A DBA degree provides excellent career opportunities for professionals to not only progress in their careers but also avail the chances to navigate the international business landscape and become efficient leaders in the future. Through this blog today, let us explore the rationale behind the surging demand for the doctorate of business administration and the diverse DBA career opportunities.

A Brief Overview of the Demand for Doctorate of Business Administration

As globalization and digitalization successfully pervade the business world, just as with any other industry, the business environment is witnessing a steep change with heightened competition. Modern business is characterized by advanced technology, disruptive innovations, and the need to be flexible to facilitate easy adaptation that requires advanced skills and talents, thus resulting in the growing demand for DBA degree holders. Businesses are becoming highly globalized and increasingly becoming integrated with advanced technologies such as digital platforms, hence, the industry is challenged with the need to fill the paucity of highly specialized business leaders competent enough to lead the business world.

DBA Career Opportunities

Let us discover the top DBA career opportunities that professionals with a doctorate in Business Administration can pursue:

Business Consultant

Also popularly known as a Management Consultant/ Analyst, this is one of the most sought-after positions in the business administration field. The primary role of a Busines Consultant is to supervise business plans. He/she is required to present future business plans and also review past plans. Consultants are required to give attention to the minutest details to minute observations about the organization and introduce practices best suited for the organization following the analysis of the data aggregated. To become a Business Consultant, a professional is required to possess data analysis skills and excellent communication skills, in addition to a DBA degree.

Organizational Development manager

This is another one of the significant DBA career opportunities that professionals can seek. The roles and responsibilities of this position include training teams or individuals involved in making developmental plans for the organization. The Development Managers are to make the necessary training scope that aligns with the company’s objectives, assess the development budget of the staff, and supervise the existing training programs. Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written, is a must for this role. Professionals should have the knack and be adept at handling the latest tools and methods of multimedia management, be proficient at Microsoft Office and other relevant software, and be skilled at effective management.

Project Manager

Professionals who wish to take on the role of leaders will find this career opportunity after DBA an excellent suit. Project Managers are responsible for supervising the range of company projects, working in collaboration with other team members to make sure the company grows, defining goals, objectives, and achievements of the organization, and evaluating the various projects at various stages. Again for this position, professionals should have excellent communication skills and be skilled at time management. A work experience of a minimum of three years is the least qualifying credential for Project Managers.

C-Suite Executives

One of the primary goals of professionals seeking a Doctorate of Business degree is to propel their careers to C-Level roles and positions in business or any other relevant fields such as Chief Operations Officer, or Chief Executive Officer. The primary duties or tasks of a C-Suite executive are to oversee and supervise the major and core aspects of the business like project management or budget management. These roles are completely technical as such professionals are required to have attained the necessary knowledge and technical skills, comprehensive knowledge of Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. Basically, the role demands professionals to be adept at the modern techniques of business operations. A Doctorate of Business Administration degree program will ideally train professionals with the specialized skills of business intelligence. Hence, professionals who have attained this degree alone can look forward to venturing into these roles.


The position of a Logistician is another excellent career opportunity for a Doctorate of Business Administration degree holder. Logisticians are responsible for supervising the complete cycle of a product beginning from the material allocation for manufacturing to delivering the finished products to the customers. They also have to fulfill the task of troubleshooting tasks and generate new ideas that will contribute to the cost-cutting of the company, altogether improving the company’s efficiency. This role entails professionals to be specialized in Supply Chain Management which A DBA specialization can offer. Additionally, professionals are required to qualify the work experience in logistics for moving up to this job position.

Academician/ Professor

The demand for a DBA professionals in the field of academia is on a consistent rise as academic institutes now recognize the importance of DBA degree roles. Essentially, the role of an academician or a professor is to teach at University-college level students. They may also publish original works pertaining to and contributing to the business industry. They may even teach in private or other institutions for advanced business courses.


This is again one of the top DBA career opportunities that are massively resourceful for society and in a rapidly evolving business ecosystem, the role has become even more in demand. Their role is to carry out research, identify significant trends and patterns, and assess data to gain a comprehensive idea of the resource distribution in society. They are the ones who scrutinize the economic indicators of an economy. This is one of the elitist positions that only people with high-level qualifications like a DBA can pursue. They also undertake intensive research on the goods and services, their demand and distribution, availability and accessibility, and explore the relevant trends to make predictions and future potential plans.

Doctorate of Business Administration Salary in India

The annual Doctorate of Business Administration Salary in India per year according to Payscale is:

  • Business Consultant-INR 9.2 lakhs
  • Organizational Development Manager-INR 8.3 lakhs
  • Project Manager-INR 12.5 lakhs
  • C-suite roles (CEO)-INR 29.9 lakhs
  • Logistician-INR 4,5 lakhs
  • Professor-INR 10.4 lakhs
  • Entrepreneur-INR 8.25 lakhs
  • Human Resource Director-INR 27.7 lakhs 

Doctorate of business administration salary National average the US

The average national salary in the United States for Doctorate of Business Administrators as per Indeed is:

  • Professor: $54,497 per year
  • Logistics analyst: $58,839 per year
  • Entrepreneur:$62,255 per year
  • Organizational Development Manager: $70,173 per year
  • Business consultant: $73,327 per year
  • Business analyst: $73,539 per year
  • Information Systems Manager: $87,646 per year
  • Human Resources Director: $89,657 per year
  • Economist:$106,721 per year
  • Chief executive officer: $114,723 per year

    The career path of a Doctorate of Business Administration degree is highly rewarding. Professionals who attain this high-level degree are highly sought-after by companies and business institutions across the globe. They can build a career in any part of the world and lead a future-proof career live.