Our aim is to provide a supportive research environment, allowing our researchers to reach their full potential. This includes protecting the physical and mental health of all our employees. Research and Innovation (R&I) forms the main support center for research activities, with the Funding Academy providing a structured framework to provide supportive intervention throughout the research life cycle , from the idea generation and grant proposal stages through to achieving results and monitoring funding and supporting impact.

We work closely with schools and industry to ensure researchers have the skills, information and support they need to carry out excellent research and make an impact across the lifecycle. their research projects. We encourage and support engagement with UK, EU and other international collaborators, governments, industry and third sector partners and members of the public to build Long-term partnerships ensure the relevance and impact of our research.
For Support related queries: research@eimt.ch | info@eimt.ch

Some of the research support available at EIMT are:

Research Facilities

We provides state-of-the-art research facilities for various scientific and academic disciplines. Researchers have Full access for experiments, analysis, and data collection.

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Online Library Resources

Our online offers an extensive collection of books, journals, archives, and digital resources to support research in virtually every field.

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Research Centers and Institutes

EIMT have research centers and institutes, covering a wide range of subjects that provide resources, collaborative opportunities, and access to experts in specific fields.

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Supervision and Mentoring

Graduate students at EIMT benefit from world-class academic supervision and mentoring. Professors and academic advisors provide guidance and support for research projects.

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

EIMT encourages interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Scholars from different fields are often brought together to address complex issues and challenges.

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Conferences and Workshops

EIMT hosts various conferences, seminars, and workshops that facilitate academic networking and knowledge sharing. These events often welcome scholars and researchers from around the world.

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Project Management Support

Managing research projects can be complex. Universities may offer project management support to help researchers plan, execute, and monitor their research effectively.

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Technology Transfer and Commercialization

EIMT have technology transfer offices that help researchers protect and commercialize intellectual property, including patents and innovations that can be transferred to industry partners.

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Data Management and Storage

Research generates vast amounts of data. EIMT offers data management and storage solutions to ensure that research data is securely stored, preserved, and accessible to researchers.

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International Research Collaborations

EIMT actively engages in international research collaborations, allowing its researchers to work with institutions and experts worldwide.

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Open Access Publishing

The institute promotes open access publishing and offers support for researchers looking to publish their work in open-access journals or repositories.

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Research Ethics and Compliance

EIMT maintains strict ethical and compliance standards for research. Researchers receive guidance on ethical considerations and human subjects' protection.

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To make the most of the research support at EIMT, individuals should consult the specific departments, research centers, and faculty members within their chosen field. Requirements and available resources may vary depending on the academic level, program, and area of research. As a prospective student or researcher, it's advisable to reach out to the relevant departments and advisors to get more detailed information on the support available for your specific research interests.