The EIMT's credit system is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Credits assigned to each field of study based on the student's expected performance. One credit point requires an average workload of 30 hours of student work.

EIMT does not use the ECTS grading scheme. The grading scale ranges from 1.0 to 6.0 quarter grade (0.25). The passing grade is 4.0, the maximum grade is 6.0. Corresponding number symbol are as following

EIMT Grades

Points Definition
6.0 – 5.75 Excellent (ausgezeichnet)
5.5 – 5.25 Very Good (sehr gut)
5.0 – 4.75 Good (gut)
4.5 – 4.25 Satisfactory (befriedigend)
4.0 Pass (genügend)
3.5 Fail (ungenügend)
3.0 Poor (schlecht)
2.5 Very Poor (schlecht bis sehr schlecht)
2.0 Extremely Poor (sehr schlecht)
1.0 Not Measurable (nicht messbar)
The above grades are not rigidly related to any distribution function and are not awarded according to predetermined percentages or numerical scores. A student’s grade in a subject is more related to the student’s mastery of the material than to the relative performance of his or her peers.