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  • International Networking Opportunities.
  • Highly Qualified Industry Experienced Faculties.
  • Multiple specializations to choose from
  • Discover the latest industry trends.
  • Develop real-life problem-solving abilities.

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Doctor of Technology (DTech)

The Doctor in Technology at EIMT is an accelerated three-year programme designed to prepare future leaders and practitioners in Technology capable of handling emerging industrial challenges and needs. The distinctive feature of the programme is its flexibility allowing doctoral candidates to customise the programme to fulfill their career plans and needs and prepare them for a range of positions like Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer, Technology Consultant, etc. The programme is developed to not only provide fundamental knowledge but to enhance the practical skills and critical thinking to equip professionals for advocacy of responsible technological application and forging towards sustainable growth of their fields and society.

This high-level professional doctoral program is tailor-made in close consultance with our Industry partners. The primary goal is to help professionals learn the methods of weaving high-level, creative, and innovative technological applications fit to work on complex issues. The course focuses on the application of technological principles for solving real-world issues.

The program is categorized into various modules with an emphasis on coursework and research projects. Learners will delve into the scientific methods and ideas, learn them and gain the competency of applying them in a design. The degree program focuses on existing scientific knowledge and blends them with new emerging ideas in the field. The core intent is to develop competent professionals capable of applying the learned knowledge in innovative designs and prototypes by applying design methodologies.

The Doctor of Technology is crafted to incorporate the best practice techniques feasible for seamless implementation across industries like business, healthcare, government organisations, energy, and education, to name a few. The programme aims to train and develop skills ready to solve complex technology-related problems. The curriculum is intended is systematically develop higher skills and an advanced understanding of technology allowing professionals to apply their amplified competencies, skills, and knowledge of technology both practical and theoretical understandings. The graduating candidates will be able to develop strategies to advance their organisations. They will be able to make impactful contributions, enhance enterprise performance, apply contemporary research-based techniques and overall further their career to the top-tier levels.

Enterprises and organisations in today's era are required to mechanize their firms with industry-focused, technical, and management skills. The Doctor of Technology program at EIMT has been developed keeping this in mind. A major part of the program is to work on a real-world project that features emerging challenges in the technological field.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To train Manpower of information and Communication Technology with extensive technical skills to carry out industry-focused research and development
  • The program targets and aims to entice potential professionals to carry out extensive research and develop crucial ideas for the field.
  • Synthesising intensive research to innovate the Technological field with seminal ideas and research findings.
  • To evaluate technology-related challenges, and leadership activities and develop critical thinking skills and the potential to analyze problems
  • Addressing issues pertaining to industry partners and innovating with contemporary solutions.

The Doctor of Technology program is delivered in a fully online format, which combines face-to-face sessions with online support. The program will empower Tech and Tech-Intensive professionals to develop and strengthen their competencies crucial for discovering technological solutions across the diverse aspects of the domain. The exposure to this intensive research programme will also give professionals the opportunity to network worldwide with peers and expert faculty and develop global skills.


  • Eligibility: Masters or 5+ yrs experience
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Enrollment: Applicable throughout the year

Why Earn your DBA with EIMT

EIMT Unique Curriculum

The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity to develop unique individualized projects.

The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity to develop unique individualized projects.

Application of Knowledge

The Program allows you to apply management theories and put them into practice.

The Program allows you to apply management theories and put them into practice.

Industry Experience Faculty

Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.

Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.


Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

Admission Requirements:

Candidates are eligible for admission by satisfying the following admissions criteria:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field regionally accredited college or university with an earned Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.00 or above.

  • Work experience within a for-profit firm, non-profit organizations, and/or government including NGOs.

  • Applicant interview if necessary as determined by Program Director.

  • Submission and evaluation of graduate school applications including; undergraduate and masters academic transcripts, ID or passport copy, and resume.

  • Applicants for the Doctoral program DTech, are exempted from an English exam provided they completed their schooling years and/or master’s program at a recognized school where the medium of teaching is English.

Application Go Through:

Applications are only accepted online. Once the application form is received, our team looks after a past performance and future potential and will contact you accordingly.

What is Next?

Once the Admission Committee reviews your application with +ve response, you will receive a letter of admission. Having processed the payment, you will receive an email with your login credentials and will be granted access to our Learn Management System.

Graduation Requirements:

  • DBA Candidates must earn a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher and be in good academic standing.
  • All program requirements must be completed, including the final dissertation/thesis submission.

The Curriculum

The Doctor in Technology (DTech) program at EIMT is designed to be completed within 3 years. Extension years are usually not granted. The program generally comprises mainly to three phases:-

1) Course Work: This phase generally is your first semester and comprises various research methods and techniques, 2-3 elective subjects related to the Doctor in Technology stream you have chosen, research paper activities, seminars, and the completion of other basic requirements for the program. Most of the graduates often select their topic of research in this phase. It is also very important for the student to appear for a comprehensive exam after they have completed their course.

2) Research Lab: First of all, after taking the comprehensive exam, the candidate has to give a seminar covering the state of the art in the area of research. Further, this phase includes data collection and analysis relating to the topic of research. Your synopsis submissions, and progress report submissions every six months, multiple seminars and presentations are also included in this phase.

3) Doctoral Thesis: Before proceeding to the final submission of the thesis, the student is required to deliver a seminar covering the research work to obtain relevant feedback and suggestions. The thesis is submitted to the academic section after the open seminar. After the submission of the thesis, it is sent for evaluation by external experts. After the satisfactory evaluation of the thesis, students have to prepare for their final seminar as a part of the oral examination to the oral board, which will be reflected in the final result of the Doctor in Technology degree. The scholar will be guided and supervised by the research faculty.

During each of these phases, the scholar will be guided and supervised by a supervisor or research faculty.

Semester Phase What's inside
1 Course Work 1. Research Methods
2. Qualitative Methods & Techniques
3. Quantitative Methods & Techniques
4. Research Tools
5. The Research Proposal
2-3 Research Lab Data Collection and Analysis
4-5-6 Doctoral Thesis Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation)

**Course Work: Contains 30 ECTS / 5 modules at 6 ECTS each.
**Research Lab & Doctoral Thesis: 150 ECTS - The thesis contributes around 85% to the overall result of the doctoral studies.

DBA Course Structure

(Duration Wise in detail)

Within 1st Month:

Invitation to Enrollment for the DTech Program.
Dtech Program Entrance Test.
Personal Interview by Department Research Committee (DRC) of the entrance test qualified candidates.

Within 2nd - 7th Month:

Selection For Course Work.
Fee Submission For Course Work.
Beginning of Course Work and Allocation of Supervisor / Research Faculty.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities of the coursework? Check There

Within 8th - 10th Month:

Synopsis Submission in five copies.
RDC (Research Department Committee) work starts.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the RDC? Check There

Within 10th - 12th Month:

Fee Submission after the 3 months of RDC.
5-6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by supervisor electronically.

Within 13th - 33th Month*:

Fee Submission after the 6 months of RDC.
6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by supervisor electronically.
Pre Submission Defence Committee (PSDC)
Thesis Submission in five copies duly signed by supervisor.
(Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the PSDC? Check There

Within 34th - 36th Month:

Final Viva-voice (after receiving reports from External Examiners).
Award of Doctorate.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I apply to more than one department at the same time?

    Yes, maybe. The admission process for each faculty is independent and a separate fee is charged for each application. However, he can only enroll in one faculty and must make this decision within the deadlines indicated in the offer letter.

  • If I applied previously but my application was rejected, may I reapply?

    Yes, you may reapply. You will need to fill out a completely new online application for this purpose.

  • Are there any interactions possible with other students?

    The online programs offer students to discuss various topics on our EIMT Connect platform.

  • How can I access the online learning platform?

    Once you are officially enrolled, we will provide you with all the details, instructions and your login information.

  • Will I receive a paper certificate after graduation?

    Each student will receive their certificate by email as well as we can send the paper certificate by postal mail.

  • Will I have a personal Supervisor?

    Each student will receive a personal supervisor or research faculty once they are enrolled in the program. The personal supervisor or research faculty is here to support you regarding any administrative issues or general questions regarding the program.

  • When do I need to choose my Research Topic ?

    After your successful enrolment, you need to finalise your research topic within 6 months.