Program Overview

The world today is facing more complex issues demanding societies and organisations to be more equipped with advanced and higher interdisciplinary solutions. EIMT develops this Doctorate in Social Science programme to remedy and cater to these challenging needs. Our doctoral candidates will engage in comprehensive study across disciplines, emphasising extensive research with impact. The programme is intended to advance and enhance students' research and leadership skills to bring transformations to the field of social science and help society tackle challenging issues competently.

Salient Features

  • 36 Months online Program.

  • Specially Designed for Working Professionals

  • No GMAT/ GRE required.

  • International Networking Opportunities.

  • Focused & Unique Curriculum.

  • Dissertation on live project for a organization.

Achieve Your Dream

    Doctorate in Social Science (DSocSc)

    The Doctorate in Social Science programme will provide professionals in Social Science with a holistic and comprehensive mastery of the theoretical and practical knowledge for advanced social science-related activities. The Doctoral programme has been designed to provide a structure-taught component where the research thesis can be built upon.

    Candidates in this programme can expect to engage in specifically designed materials that will give them a thorough grasp of the theoretical and practical foundation of the profession they are engaged with. Designed and developed to meet the demands of established professionals with state-of-the-art academic grounding and understanding of the problems affecting their disciplines.

    Graduating doctoral candidates will come out of the programme as leaders with cutting-edge expertise with mastery of the complete range of their field of study and their profession. They can expect to learn extensive knowledge of advanced research and techniques to enhance the existing body of knowledge and develop expertise applicable to producing seminal and novel publications that will bring impactful contributions to the field.

    The Doctorate in Social Science at EIMT follows pedagogy of in-depth research and self-directed study with the supervision of a Research faculty as the Supervisor. Each candidate will be assigned a supervisor from the first stage of the programme who will guide and support throughout the interactive learning and help build connectivity with the rest of the research team.

    Under the programme, various specialisations and fields of expertise will enable candidates to choose that align with their professional goals. EIMT welcomes researchers and professionals in their mid-career levels such as executives in public, private or non-profit sectors, senior administrators, or policy Analysts.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    Candidates in our Doctoral programme of Social Science will develop and cultivate far-reaching knowledge and expertise and come out as competent future leaders. The programme is designed with the core objectives of the following:
    • To develop a critical understanding and analysis of complex issues theoretically, practically and applicable to policy.
    • To impart advanced and combined praxis of theory and practice.
    • To equip professionals with leadership skills competent to work towards materialising organisational rights and growth.
    • Developing and presenting a rigorous doctoral thesis that is novel and contributes towards the development of their discipline.

    The Doctorate in Social Science (DSocSc) at EIMT is a fully online programme tailored to meet the needs of the modern social science discipline and advanced research and society. The programme targets facilitate world-class interdisciplinary research to equip the upcoming generation of research scholars and bring forth novel research-based ideas for addressing critical disciplinary and societal challenges.

    Doctorate in Social Science (DSocSc)

    • Eligibility: Master's Degree
    • Duration: 36 Months
    • Enrollment: Throughout the Year

    Why Earn your DSocSc with EIMT

    EIMT Unique Curriculum

    The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity to develop unique individualized projects.

    The curriculum is relevant and focused, providing you the opportunity to develop unique individualized projects.

    Application of Knowledge

    The Program allows you to apply management theories and put them into practice.

    The Program allows you to apply management theories and put them into practice.

    Industry Experience Faculty

    Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.

    Work with credentialed faculty with years of industry experience.


    Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

    Courses are designed to build on knowledge and sequentially.

    Admission Requirements:

    Candidates are eligible for admission by satisfying the following admissions criteria:
    • Master’s degree in any field regionally accredited college or university with an earned Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.00 or above.

    • Work experience within a for-profit firm, non-profit organizations, and/or government including NGOs.

    • Applicant interview if necessary as determined by Program Director.

    • Submission and evaluation of graduate school applications including; undergraduate and masters academic transcripts, ID or passport copy, and resume.

    • Applicants for this DSocSc, are exempted from an English exam provided they completed their schooling years and/or master’s program at a recognized school where the medium of teaching is English.

    Application Go Through:

    Applications are only accepted online. Once the application form is received, our team looks after a past performance and future potential and will contact you accordingly.

    What is Next?

    Once the Admission Committee reviews your application with +ve response, you will receive a letter of admission. Having processed the payment, you will receive an email with your login credentials and will be granted access to our Learn Management System.

    Graduation Requirements:

    • Doctorate in Social Science Candidates must earn a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher and be in good academic standing.
    • All program requirements must be completed, including the final dissertation/thesis submission.

    The Curriculum

    The doctorate in social science at EIMT is designed to be completed within 3 years. Extension years are usually not granted. The program generally comprises mainly to three phases:-

    1) Course Work: This phase generally is your first semester and comprises various research methods and techniques, 2-3 elective subjects related to the Doctorate in Social Science stream you have chosen, research paper activities, seminars, and the completion of other basic requirements for the program. Most of the graduates often select their topic of research in this phase. It is also very important for the student to appear for a comprehensive exam after they have completed their course.

    2) Research Lab: First of all, after taking the comprehensive exam, the candidate has to give a seminar covering the state of the art in the area of research. Further, this phase includes data collection and analysis relating to the topic of research. Your synopsis submissions, and progress report submissions every six months, multiple seminars and presentations are also included in this phase.

    3) Doctoral Thesis: Before proceeding to the final submission of the thesis, the student is required to deliver a seminar covering the research work to obtain relevant feedback and suggestions. The thesis is submitted to the academic section after the open seminar. After the submission of the thesis, it is sent for evaluation by external experts. After the satisfactory evaluation of the thesis, students have to prepare for their final seminar as a part of the oral examination to the oral board, which will be reflected in the final result of the Doctorate in Social Science degree. The scholar will be guided and supervised by the research faculty.

    The proposed curriculum has these distinctive features:

    • Progressively master and apply management theories;
    • Provide cohesiveness within each semester, with an identified theme to connect learning and outcomes;
    • Competencies are organized within three major areas: (1) Managerial Foundational Skills (2) Global Management Skills and (3) Technical Skills;
    • A capstone project, e.g. dissertation to demonstrate summative knowledge;
    • A built-in curriculum cohesion approach, with a clear pathway to program completion.

    Program Skeletal

    (Duration Wise in detail)

    Within 1st Month:

    • Invitation to Enrollment for the DSocSc Program.
    • DSocSc Program Entrance Test.
    • Personal Interview by the Department Research Committee (DRC) of the entrance test qualified candidates.

    Within 2nd - 7th Month:

    • Selection For Course Work.
    • Fee Submission For Course Work.
    • Beginning of Course Work and Allocation of Supervisor / Research Faculty.
    • (Note: Eager to know more about the activities of the coursework ? ) Check There >>>>

    Within 8th - 10th Month:

    • Synopsis Submission in five copies.
    • RDC (Research Department Committee) work starts.
    • (Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the RDC?) Check There >>>>

    Within 10th - 12th Month:

    • Fee Submission after the 3 months of RDC.
    • 5-6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by supervisor electronically.

    Within 13th - 33th Month*:

    • Fee Submission after the 6 months of RDC.
    • 6 monthly progress reports submission duly signed by the supervisor electronically.
    • Pre Submission Defence Committee (PSDC)
    • Thesis Submission in five copies duly signed by supervisor.
    • (Note: Eager to know more about the activities involved in the PSDC? ) Check There >>>>

    Within 34th - 36th Month:

    • Final Viva-voice (after receiving reports from External Examiners).
    • Award of Doctorate.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the eligibility criteria for this doctoral programme?

      To be eligible for the Doctorate in Social Science, candidates must have the following qualifications: Postgraduate/Masters degree in Social science or relevant field Ability to conduct independent research. Work experience within a for-profit firm, non-profit organizations, and/or government including NGOs. Applicant interview if necessary as determined by Program Director.

    • What are the career opportunities after this Doctorate in Social Science programme?

      Graduates from a Doctorate in Social Science can explore multiple career opportunities including a teaching career in research institutions/Universities anywhere in the world. They may also join governmental setups/ organisations or think tanks that deal with conducting relevant social policy research and analysis. Those interested in social services may also enter this professional path.

    • What is the qualifying requirement for the Doctorate in Social Science at EIMT?

      For candidates to complete the programme and attain the degree, they are required to fulfil certain requirements. They must complete the coursework that happens in the first year conduct original research, and produce a novel thesis/scholarly dissertation that will generate impactful contributions to the growth and advances of social science.