Welcome to European Institute of Management and Technology (EIMT).

EIMT is private university serving students across the globe. EIMT is founded on the principle that education can be a vehicle of change and this principle guides our work. We will continue to make sure that our work never veer from this guiding principle and is integrated into every levels of student learning. For our students this translates to making that they connect their learning to real organization challenges.

At EIMT our priority is to our students. To ensure that the Institute provides all of the resources and tools necessary for them to achieve their educational and ultimately their professional goals. We believe the work that we are doing is meaningful and we will work with each and every student to not only change their lives but also change the lives of their family. This is how we realized our mission, focusing on quality education and service to our neighbors in need.

You will find here at EIMT a world class faculty that has both credentials and experience in the areas they teach. They have been in industry and led organizations. They bring this focus to their to the classroom.

I invite you to learn about all of our academic offerings, from our doctoral programs to our undergraduate degree programs and/or certificate programs, find the program that is right for you to achieve your professional goals

I look forward to being a member of community of learning and teaching!

Dr. Tilokie Depoo