What are the eligibility criteria for this doctoral programme?

To be eligible for the Doctorate in Social Science, candidates must have the following qualifications: Postgraduate/Masters degree in Social science or relevant field Ability to conduct independent research. Work experience within a for-profit firm, non-profit organizations, and/or government including NGOs.  Applicant interview if necessary as determined by Program Director.

What are the career opportunities after this Doctorate in Social Science programme?

Graduates from a Doctorate in Social Science can explore multiple career opportunities including a teaching career in research institutions/Universities anywhere in the world. They may also join governmental setups/ organisations or think tanks that deal with conducting relevant social policy research and analysis. Those interested in social services may also enter this professional path.

What is the qualifying requirement for the Doctorate in Social Science at EIMT?

For candidates to complete the programme and attain the degree, they are required to fulfil certain requirements. They must complete the coursework that happens in the first year conduct original research, and produce a novel thesis/scholarly dissertation that will generate impactful contributions to the growth and advances of social science.