Is a Master’s Degree necessary for a PsyD programme?

Yes. Since the PsyD is a doctoral degree which is the equivalent of a PhD degree, the minimum academic degree to get into this programme is a Masters degree.

Is the EIMT PsyD programme Online?

Yes, The Doctorate in Psychology at EIMT is completely online which allows easy accessibility to quality education and facilitates professionals with the best opportunity to continue their studies and attain degrees while committing to their job and their professions. The programme will be a fully experiential learning experience providing professionals with hands-on experience in psychological […]

Is the EIMT PsyD programme accredited?

Yes, the Doctorate in Psychology at EIMT is a fully accredited programme. It also follows the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) allowing for transparency and flexibility in the programme.

What career opportunities are available after PsyD?

Professionals with a PsyD degree can explore numerous career opportunities. They may find jobs in the positions of: • College Professors • School Teachers • Healthcare Professionals • Both Public and Private • Industrial-organizational psychologist • Counsellor • Therapists

What is the difference between a Ph.D. in Psychology and a PsyD?

While both degrees are cardinal academic degrees in Psychology, a Ph.D. entails an academic degree with an emphasis on research while PsyD entails training practitioners for Clinical practice.

What is the duration of a PsyD programme at EIMT?

The duration for PsyD at EIMT is 3 years. While the duration for a PsyD may differ and vary depending on the institution, it will take 36 months for candidates to complete and attain the degree at EIMT.

What is PsyD (Doctorate in Psychology)?

The Doctorate in Psychology is the highest level degree that is equivalent to a Ph.D. degree which is designed particularly for working professionals with emphasis on practical skills needed to perform as a Clinical Psychologist.