Which Students are Suitable for Choosing a PGDM Program?

One of the reasons PGDM programmes are popular is that they are open to anyone who has finished an undergraduate programme in any field. This effectively means that an engineering graduate is just as qualified to enrol in a course as a science graduate or in the arts.

Can PGDM Certification Make Someone a Better Entrepreneur?

The majority of ambitious candidates believe that earning a PGDM will help them become better entrepreneurs. This isn’t true, as PGDM is comparable to any other educational program. It helps students better grasp the various aspects that influence a company’s success or failure.

What are the Primary Objectives for Dealing with a PGDM Course?

A PGDM programme is most suited for candidates who want a management degree in their career. Aspiring candidates can be confident that they will have understood the numerous ideas and skills necessary for professional growth and success after completing the program.

Why is the PGDM course in demand?

Students who pursue a career in management will find the PGDM a very rigorous degree. In this ever-changing world, the needs of organisations, institutions, and businesses are also evolving. Managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialised executives are in high demand worldwide

Is there any additional Certification provided along with the course?

No as such. But if student wants to add some certifications, we have some provision for them.

What kind of support is available?

As an online student, you will have access to several types of support resources when you need help or guidance, beginning with new student orientation. Other services include a help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers and more.

Do I need an undergraduate business degree or business classes to be admitted?

We welcome applications from a wide variety of backgrounds and do not look for or favour specific undergraduate majors. Business classes are not required before entering the MBA Program.

Are the lectures pre-recorded or are there any live lectures?

All online courses are live online not pre-recorded session. Beside that, there are often live workshops/masterclasses organized.