English is not my first language; can I successfully complete this program?

While non-native English speakers have graduated from our programme in the past (and performed admirably), all of our courses are taught in English only, so your ability to interact with clients, professors, and peers in an effective manner through oral and written communication is crucial to your success.

What is Educational Leadership?

Educational leadership is a broad term that encompasses any education professionals who functions in a decision-making capacity to influence the curriculum or academics provided to an institution’s students, according to ASCD. Numerous positions within a school, district or campus can fall within the umbrella of this definition. Typically, those with leadership responsibilities hold advanced degrees […]

What is Curriculum Development?

A critical component of any educational system is curriculum development, the process by which improvements are made to learning strategies based on the changing needs of society. In order to most effectively meet the needs of each generation of students, updates are necessary. Thus, there is an entire profession dedicated to the design and implementation […]

What Careers are in Education Administration?

There is a wide selection of careers in education administration that will allow students to positively contribute to the education system. Here are four possible career paths with a degree in education administration. Assistant Principal Test Development Administrator Director For Curricular Programs Administrative Director

What Administration Positions Are Available with a Master’s in Education?

If you’ve been teaching for a few years and want to pursue graduate studies, you may wish to investigate administration positions available with a Master’s in Education. Keep in mind that in order to compete for jobs in administration, you will need to pursue a master’s degree with a specialization in administration. Here’s a look […]

Why Get a Master’s in Education?

Obtaining a Master’s in Education, whether locally or online, helps if you are seeking positions with additional power and authority or if you are simply looking for positions that are more stable and also higher-paying. Working towards a Master’s in Education is ideal if you are interested in pursuing a career path within the educational […]

On average, how many hours per week are spent in an online course?

In an online (Open Learning) course, expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on one course.

How long does it take to complete the Master of Education program?

This depends on how many courses you take per semester. You can complete it in as little as 18 months and self study/dissertation in the final semester.

Can I complete the Master of Education program fully online?

Yes. You will be able to take all your core courses and enough electives to complete your program in online mode.