Are faculties same in BA Economics and MA Economics.

Yes, barring one or two, all the faculties are the same. Our team of faculties is selected from across the globe given their level of expertise in the industry as well as in teaching.

I have some relevant coursework that, could it count against required courses?

Incoming students can be allowed to transfer up to 6 credits of previous graduate or qualifying undergraduate work.

What are the mathematics and statistics prerequisites?

Students are expected to be familiar with basic calculus, linear algebra, probability, and statistics. The program is also open to students without sufficient background in statistics and mathematics, however, they must be willing to adjust their coursework for fulfilling the formal prerequisites.

Do I need a background in Economics or Social Sciences to apply?

Although desirable and useful, a background in Economics/social sciences is not mandatory. EIMT developed this to accommodate students of all backgrounds.

Do students receive financial support?

Financial support is extremely limited. Generally, there’s no financial aid for students in online master’s degree programs.

What are the career opportunities for graduates?

EIMT graduates are thriving in numerous positions across diverse industries like Investment banking, management consulting, brokerage, government organization, and even in the non-profit sector.

Can I speak with a current student about the program?

We are fortunate to have a close-knit, friendly, and supportive group of students who are eager to share their experiences with prospective and incoming students.

Is a GRE required?

No, a GRE exam is not required for any of the graduate programs in the Department.