What are the eligibility criteria for studying LLD?

To be eligible for a LLD degree program one has to have a PhD degree in a relevant field of study and a work experience of not less than 5 to 6 years.

How long does it take to complete a Doctor of Law (LLD)?

A Doctor of Law (LLD) degree requires a time commitment of three years to complete and attain the degree.

How does one obtain a LLD degree?

Generally, an entrance test and personal interview is conducted to select eligible candidates. After successful admissions and completion of the three years intensive study the degree is conferred. Publishing an original research work is mandatory for acquiring this degree.

Differentiate LLD from PhD?

While PhD is a research degree in Law that entitles professionals with a Doctor of Philosophy in Law, LLD is a Doctor of Law is the cardinal degree in law and is pursuable after a PhD.

What is a Doctor of Law (LLD)

LLD or Doctor of Laws is among the highest levels of Legal Educational degree that can be pursued after a PhD or LLM in a relevant discipline.