If I applied previously but my application was rejected, may I reapply?

Yes, you may reapply. You will need to fill out a completely new online application for this purpose.

How much time should I spend on coursework each week?

Expect approximately 6 hours of work per week. This may include lecture videos, readings, discussions and assessments.

What kind of support is available?

As an online student, you will have access to several types of support resources when you need help or guidance, beginning with new student orientation. Other services include a help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers and more.

Can I earn a DBA without an MBA?

Yes. Most doctorate programs require a master’s degree, but not necessarily an MBA. Students with an MBA, however, are prepared for the training and expertise that comes at the doctorate level.

Is a DBA better than an MBA?

Not necessarily. A DBA is a top-level business degree that builds on MBA coursework and applied experiences in the workplace. DBA programs are usually intended to be the next step for MBA students.

Is it necessary to pass GRE/GMAT to enroll for DBA at EIMT ?

Students are not required to take the GMAT/GRE examination. However, scores from these exams can be used for scholarship* consideration. In order to check the necessary requirements for admission, please visit the admission requirements section.

Are there any interactions possible with other students?

The online programs offer students to discuss various topics on our EIMT Connect platform.

How can I access the online learning platform?

Once you are officially enrolled, we will provide you with all the details, instructions and your login information.

Will I receive a paper certificate after graduation?

Each student will receive their certificate by email as well as we can send the paper certificate by postal mail.

When do I need to choose my Research Topic ?

After your successful enrolment, you need to finalise your research topic within 6 months.