How much time should I spend on coursework each week?

Expect approximately 6 hours of work per week. This may include lecture videos, readings, discussions and assessments.

Is BBA a good course?

BBA course can be just as good as an MBA. Besides, doing a BBA course, you are opening up opportunities of learning the world of business and also being job-ready at the same time.

Can an Arts student do a BBA course?

Yes, you can. Whether you have done your school with arts or humanities or science, you are free to choose the BBA course

How many credit hours are required to complete the program?

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 180 credits total to satisfy graduation requirements.

How long will it take to complete the program?

This program is designed so that the student can complete the degree program at their own pace. Courses are offered in multiple semesters. Students should work closely with their academic advisers to create a plan based on their targeted graduation date, and to ensure all requirements are met.

When can I begin taking classes?

EIMT admits for the multiple batches. Deadlines and admission requirements will vary depending on whether you are considered a Fresher, Transfer, 2nd Bachelor’s, International, or Returning Student. As part of the admissions process, you will be required to submit official documents (these vary depending on your student classification).

Will I be able to use my work experience or professional certifications to satisfy coursework or waive credits?

EIMT does not grant credit or waive coursework using work experience or professional/industry/trade certifications.

What kind of support is available?

As an online student, you will have access to several types of support resources when you need help or guidance, beginning with new student orientation. Other services include a help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers and more.