Is math important for this course?

Yes, math in 11th and 12th is required for any program in Economics.

Are faculties same in BA Economics and MA Economics.

Yes, barring one or two, all the faculties are the same. Our team of faculties is selected from across the globe given their level of expertise in the industry as well as in teaching.

Can I go into Law with a BA Economics degree?

Absolutely! The combination of knowledge in Law and Economics can give you career opportunities in public policy, market research, and corporate law.

What are the different interdisciplinary fields within Economics?

 Some of the most popular interdisciplinary fields within Economics include Econometrics, Developmental Economics, Banking Economics, International Economics, and Financial Economics

Can I work in a consultancy firm with a BA Economics degree?

 Yes, several consultancy firms across the world hire Economics graduates to act as advisors for the firm.