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This webinar will provide an introduction to software development using object-oriented programming with Python. It will cover the fundamentals of software development, object-oriented programming concepts, and how to apply them in Python. Participants will learn how to design software using object-oriented principles, create classes and objects, use inheritance and polymorphism, and apply best practices and design patterns to their code. The webinar will also cover related topics such as debugging and refactoring, as well as using libraries and external modules. At the end of the webinar, participants will have a greater understanding of how to develop software using object-oriented principles, as well as the tools and techniques necessary to create effective and maintainable code.

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Event date: Jun 10, 2023

Event time: 11:30 AM EST

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Gerson Areche EIMT Trainer

Lead Programming Instructor @EIMT

Chartered Psychologist and Certified Data Analyst (University of Bradford)
Gerson is a veteran and a veteran-turned-developer. After serving in the US Marine Corps, Gerson decided to pursue his passion for coding and pursue a career in technology. He is currently studying IoT and has a passion for embedded systems, web and mobile development, data analytics, and cloud service with AWS IoT.

Mode: Online

Email: info@eimt.ch